Virtual Edge Summit 2011 News Coverage

There’s been tremendous buzz about the Virtual Edge Summit 2011 and Virtual Edge Institute. We are happy to share with you the latest media coverage. Please leave a comment if we missed any other articles:

The CMO Site January 25, 2011: Hybrid Events Merge the Virtual & Real Worlds
January 23, 2011: Virtual Edge Summit 2011
January 21, 2011: VES11 (Virtual Edge Summit)
January 18, 2011: Virtual Edge Summit Session: Ensuring virtual exhibitor success
January 18, 2011: Hybrid is the New Black
January 18, 2011: Top 5 Virtual Event Questions from Virtual Edge
January 18, 2011:
January 17, 2011: Distance Curation of Virtual Edge Summit
January 14, 2011: Virtual Engagement Platforms for Events
January 14, 2011: Virtual Events – the best and worst trends of 2010
January 14, 2011: PCMA Panel: Virtual Events are “Friend, Not Foe” to Physical Events
January 13, 2011: 3D Immersive Technologies Stuns Delegates
January 13, 2011:  The 5 Best and Worst Virtual Events
Trends in 2010
January 12, 2011:  Attending 2011 Virtual Edge Summit – Virtually
January 12, 2011: Record Attendance for PCMA’s Convening Leaders
January 12, 2011: VES11 Recap of the State (and Future) of Virtual Events
January 6, 2011: Virtual Edge Institute: An Inside Look at Event PR and Marketing
January 6, 2011: Grand Trifecta in Conference Happenings ACOM11, PCMA11, VES11
January 4, 2011:  Using Hybrid Events (to Try) to Please All of the People All of the Time
January 4, 2011: Virtual Event Stats. Comments on the Virtual Edge Institute Infographic
January 1, 2011: Meetings Benefits from Today’s Technology
January 4, 2011:  Take a Test Drive of a Virtual Event Platform
Virtual Events Hub December 16, 2010: Virtual Event Statistics
December 16, 2010: Virtual Edge Summit to be Simulcast on Five Platforms
January 4, 2011:
PCMA launches new hybrid experience for upcoming annual meeting
January 3, 2011:
Got Free Milk? Virtual Events that Won’t Kill the Cash Cow
December 27, 2010:
Start with the Event in Mind
December 22, 2010:
COMING OF AGE: How virtual events have established themselves in 2010
December 17, 2010:
More Than One Way to Virtually Skin a Cat: Hybrid events and the Virtual Edge Summit
Meeting Tech Online December 17, 2010:
Leading Providers to Create Virtual Environments Around the Virtual Edge Summit
December 14, 2010:
The Numbers Are In: Virtual Events are the Real Deal
December 13, 2010:
PCMA Creates Incentive to Book Inside Block, Access to Virtual Edge
December 13, 2010:
Slow and Steady
December 10, 2010:
Virtual Events Coming Out Party 2010 (Infographic)
Virtual Events Hub December 7, 2010:
Virtual Edge Summit
December 6, 2010:
Expert Dispells Common Myths About Vitual Meetings
December 2, 2010:
Growth in Virtual Gatherings Offers Marketing Opportunities
November 22, 2010: Virtual Edge Summit
November 17:
Part II: Benefits of a Hybrid Event with Michael Doyle
November 16, 2010:
COMDEXVirtual and Virtual Events
November 9, 2010:
Will COMDEXVirtual match success of physical incarnation?
November 8, 2010:
What are the Benefits of Having a Hybrid Event? Michael Doyle – Show 159
November 2010:
When Meetings Meet
October 28:
10 Seconds and You’re in Las Vegas (translated)
October 20, 2010:
Virtual Edge Summit 2011

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