The Event Marketing Mix is Changing – Event Professionals need to move with the times!

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In our recently published infographic, Virtual Events Stats 2010, we summarized several stats regarding the growth of virtual events this past year. One purpose of the infograpic was to provide a single at-a-glance graphic to help meeting planners and marketers struggling to understand the value of virtual for their programs.

Anthony Miller, Strategic Director at Active Networks, shares his thoughts on why virtual events is an opportunity for event marketers. Anthony is also speaking at the Virtual Edge Summit on Audience Acquisition Strategies that Drive Attendance on Thursday, January 14, 2011 from 11:00 – 11:50 am. Register now to hear this and 30+ other sessions.

Recently I saw some discussions online between a number of event professionals, they were quite openly and candidly discussing their fears for their roles as their organizations were starting to use virtual event technology. And because the management of these virtual events had been handed to another department to look after.

Personally, I think that the emergence of virtual events represents a tremendous opportunity for event marketers, but they need to harness the management of these “virtual” opportunities as part of a holistic approach to event activation within their businesses.  Fundamentally, the ownership of a virtual events programme needs to remain the responsibility of the live events team to develop, if a consistent message is to be delivered with high production values.

Virtual events are here to stay, and will become increasingly dominant in the mix. Event marketers need to apply their current skills as live communication experts to exploit their true potential and learn some new skills to help them get the most out of the technology.

At Active Network Events we work with partners and  develop technology and services to empower event marketers to integrate this technology into their event marketing mix, maintain control and deliver more dynamic, accessible user experiences which will enhance a live events programme.

Technology is re-shaping the events industry and as a consequence it is having a strong impact on the professionals who are managing this marketing discipline. I would like to see the digital challenge as an opportunity for the event managers to consolidate their position within a company.

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