Engagement and Learning in Hybrid Events

Emma King InXpo

Complementing Janet Clarey’s recent post, Emma King, VP of Learning and Development with INXPO, provides her thoughts regarding engagement and learning in hybrid events. Emma and Janet will be presenting on “Virtual-Enabled Learning Programs that Expand the Learning Experience and Ensure Engagement” on  January 12, 2011 from 4:45 – 5:30 pm PT. Register today to access this and 30+ sessions available at Virtual Edge Summit.

There is a growing trend in companies capturing content at their physical meetings and sharing it on the internet for those who could not attend physically.  These meetings have come to be known as ‘HYBRID’ events. It’s a powerful medium, but simply streaming the event into a webcast for virtual consumption is not enough to keep the virtual attendee engaged. Many viewers simply open the session and then get distracted answering emails or even decide to watch it later and become non-attentive attendees, am I right?

To make the events effective requires real-time engagement and that means designing interactivity into the experience, espcially when it comes to hybrid events.   I will be co-presenting with Janet Clarey (Elearning! Media Group) at Virtual Edge Summit 2011 , and plan to model (and share) the practices we both preach that include an overview of

  • Engaging design
  • Engaging delivery
  • Special considerations for hybrid events
  • Best use of virtual learning platforms

This session will be hybrid, therefore we welcome you to engage with us either in person or virtually, to see how powerful programs can be simultaneously delivered to both audiences.

Experience how we leverage the interactive opportunities within the virtual platform. See how we enable virtual attendees to network, collaborate and consume information delivered at the physical event.

The capability to learn is ‘everywhere’  and some Virtual Business Platforms are capable of delivering on the promise of  ’virtual classrooms’ that empower and engage attendees with better retention rates and a more memorable experience that brings people back… that’s if the training is designed effectively…

On this occasion what’s happening in Vegas won’t necessarily be staying in Vegas, either in person or virtually, we look forward to meeting you!

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